AAA Pre-Purchase Inspection Tips

Fall is here!

Time for the kids to go back to school and tis the season to prepare for the Holidays.

What if in the middle of this hectic time you are looking for a used vehicle as well? Let’s face it, this process can be very stressful. I know personally I’m not comfortable just taking someone’s word when they are trying to make a large sale and this especially rings true when it comes to a vehicle. I would much rather make any large purchase from a well-informed, educated stand point.

We all know there are many things to look for when buying a used vehicle, but most of these items are not easily caught by the untrained eye. Let us take some of the guess work and emotional stress that this may cause you out of the equation. Our specialist here at Leo and Son can complete a AAA Pre-Purchase inspection that will put your mind at ease when making your final decision on a used vehicle.

Our Pre- Purchase inspection covers every aspect of a vehicle’s running and non-running components.

When checking the interior and exterior of the vehicle’s body we will make sure all head lights, turn signals, mirrors and locks work properly. The seat belts, seats and child safety locks will be thoroughly inspected to make sure they are functioning correctly as well.

When considering the vehicle’s electrical system, we will verify that the wipers, interior lights, horn, sun roof, and windows all work as they are supposed to.

Most of the items I just mentioned are easily checked, however, looking deeper into the vehicle is where our technicians can take the guess work out of the equation for you.

Looking into the cooling system, the technician will check your coolant levels, cooling fan, radiator and water pump. At this time they will also verify that all hoses are in good condition and not leaking.

Brake systems can be a major headache if not functioning properly so our technicians will not only check the more commonly replaced components such as brake pads, drums and rotors, but also the master cylinder, calipers, wheel cylinders and brake lines.

When it comes to the engine and transmission there are many things for our technicians to consider before giving the green light on a vehicle. In the engine alone they must inspect the drive belts, all filters, fuel lines, exhaust systems and the actual motor mounts for them to sign off on a properly functioning component. The transmission also goes through a full inspection to look into the condition of the transmission mounts, transfer case and clutch fluid levels.

Finally, steering and suspension systems are analyzed and tire condition is noted. When checking these systems our technicians inspect the power steering pump, all power steering hoses, rack and pinion steering boots, wheel bearings, torsion bars/springs, shocks and struts.

Making sure that each one of these systems is properly functioning BEFORE you make a decision on a vehicle can save you time, money and headaches down the road.

AAA Prepurchase inspection lemon car

3 Rules to Live By when looking for a used car:

1.If a seller is not willing to have it inspected, we recommend you walk away from the sale.

2. Get a vehicle history report from a reputable source.

3. Use your head and not your emotions when making a final decision.

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