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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Brake noise

Brake noise

Does a Brake noise mean it’s time for brakes? The short answer is maybe. The long answer is it needs to be checked to make sure. Our business is in Bellflower, CA and we do brake repair and inspections daily. In our facility as a courtesy we do a free brake inspection to let you know if it’s time for brake repair or replacement or it’s just a noise that the brake pad is making when the brakes are applied. Often the noise that is head is just the vibration between the brake pad and the rotor. Brake pads and how the rotors were surfaced on your prior brake job can affect how much noise the brakes make. If the rotor finish is to rough is can cause excessive brake noise. The quality and compound of the brake pads can also have an effect on brake noise and performance. If in doubt have your brakes checked just to make sure you are not putting your family and others at risk. When it comes time for new brakes, a service advisor should be talking with you about ... read more


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