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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Normal vs severe service, what maintenance schedule do you follow

Normal vs severe service, what maintenance schedule do you follow

Have you ever looked in you owners? Let me be a little more clear, have you ever taken time to look at the manufacture recommend maintenance schedule in your owner manuel? In most owners manuals usually toward the back of the book you will find recommend services for your vehicle. You will actually find two maintenance schedules for each mileage interval. In most manuals you will find Normal maintenance schedule and severe maintenance schedule. You would think you fall into the normal schedule but in most cases this is no so. In California we do a lot of stop and go driving and quick runs to the store or market. This type of driving is the hardest on the vehicle. This type of driving is considered severe service on the vehicle. You should be following the severe guide in your owner’s manual. What the Manufactures consider “Normal driving “ is long periods of consistent speeds. An example of this would be driving on the freeway @ 60 MPH for 45 minutes or longer. If ... read more


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