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Brake and Lamp Inspection in Bellflower

Have you ever heard of an official brake and lamp inspection? Brake and lamp inspections are required by the DMV when a vehicle is deemed a salvage vehicle by the Insurance companies. If a car or truck is in an accident or has been stolen and the repairs to the vehicle are greater than the vehicle value it can be designated a salvage vehicle. Bellflower, Long Beach and Downey residents who need a Brake and light are usually in the dark about where to go get an inspection.

Let me give you a little break down of how this process usually works: You have just had a really bad day because your vehicle is now a mangled mass of metal. You have to deal with the person who was also in the accident. You have to give the police officer a statement and arrange for your vehicle to be towed to a repair facility. All you want to do is hope it was a dream. Next you have to deal with the insurance company and if they feel the repairs are more than the value of the car they will usually offer you the value of the car. If you decide you love the car, or just can’t afford to buy a new car, you have the option of buying your car back from the insurance company.

Now you have you car back, but it’s still a mess from the accident. You have to find someone to fix it or just deal with it if it’s not too bad. At this point you’re probably thinking you are done and in the clear, but, think again. After the vehicle is drivable, you find out the DMV (department of Motor Vehicles) wants you to re-register your vehicle….ok fine. You go to the DMV and they tell you, you will need a Brake and lamp Inspection and usually have the VIN number verified. At this point most people have just about had it and just want to forget about saving their car or truck from the junk yard. DMV usually is not very helpful in assisting you in finding a facility to do the Brake and lamp inspection. The DMV usually tells you to take care of the needed items and come back. Just want you want to do another trip to the DMV.

The highway patrol offices can verify the VIN number on the vehicle.You have to make an appointment and take time away from work or family to take care of it, not usually a hard process, just one more step of thing you would rather not do. By some miracle you found our facility to do your brake and lamp inspection. You make an appointment to get the inspection done, more time off work….wonderful.

Let me stop here in the process and give you some tips on how you can make your second to last step as painless as possible. A Brake and Lamp Inspection consist of a thorough inspection of all the brake and all the lights on the vehicle. We would be more than happy to make any repairs to your vehicle to get it certified but if you want to save some money do some quick checks yourself before bringing it in. Go around the vehicle and check that ALL the light bulbs are working. Make sure all lenses in place, not broken, and attached to the vehicle properly. Make sure the headlamps are not broken and we will be able to adjust them during the inspection. For the brakes, it can be a little trickier to do at home. You will need to check that all brake pads, rotors or drums, emergency brake and hydraulic system are working properly and within manufactures safe limits.

If you know you have issues with any of these systems, please call us and we can schedule time to get it fixed for you. Leo & Son Garage has been doing these inspections for over 30 years and would love to get you back on the road so you can enjoy your car again. If you have question please feel free to post a comment on this blog or contact one of our helpful staff via email or phone.

For more information go to www.leoandson.com.

By Donald Henderson


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