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Does a Brake noise mean it’s time for brakes? The short answer is maybe. The long answer is it needs to be checked to make sure. Our business is in Bellflower, CA and we do brake repair and inspections daily. In our facility as a courtesy we do a free brake inspection to let you know if it’s time for brake repair or replacement or it’s just a noise that the brake pad is making when the brakes are applied. Often the noise that is head is just the vibration between the brake pad and the rotor. Brake pads and how the rotors were surfaced on your prior brake job can affect how much noise the brakes make. If the rotor finish is to rough is can cause excessive brake noise. The quality and compound of the brake pads can also have an effect on brake noise and performance.

If in doubt have your brakes checked just to make sure you are not putting your family and others at risk.

When it comes time for new brakes, a service advisor should be talking with you about how you use your car, truck, or minivan. Getting the right brakes to match the type of driving you do is very important to the life of the brakes and how the brakes perform in the long term. If you use your vehicle for picking up the kids and doing errands you can use a standard brake pad and rotor combination with very good results. If you use standard type brake pads and rotors on a vehicle where you are towing a trailer or hauling heavy loads a standard brake may not be the best choice. Heavy duty brakes are available if you use your vehicle for heavy loads. Heavy duty brakes will not fade when they are asked to work hard stopping all the vehicle weight down a mountain road.

Good Better Best

When it comes to brakes the old saying you get what you pay for is very true. Often time when it’s time for brakes you will have the option of an economy brake set, and standard brake set or a premium brake set. What is the difference besides lightening your wallet? Or is there?

Economy brakes are just that they generally use a lower quality brake pad with a friction material with lower quality compounds that may or may not meat Original manufacture specifications. Economy brake pads tend not to last as long and often times have more brake noises to deal with. Economy brake pads tend to have more of the black dust that transfers to your wheels. The dust is generally an appearance issue and you have to wash the wheels more often to keep the car looking good. Economy brake job usually use a lower grade brake rotor. An economy rotor used lower grade steel and are not always designed like the original equipment parts.

Standard Brakes is usually a good choice for most people. Standard brake pads and rotors meet or exceed the original equipment products that were used on your vehicle when it left the factory. An OE (original Equipment) type pad usually has good braking performance, low noise issues and low brake dust transfer to the wheels.

Premium brakes are a good choice when you want the vehicle to perform better than it did from the factory. Premium brake benefits include shorter stopping distance in most cases. A shorter stopping distance could mean the difference between a good day and an accident that will ruin your day. Premium brakes often have a lower noise issues than a lower quality brand and will usually have very little dust transfer to the wheels. Premium brakes tend to last longer so you have a lower cost of continually replacing the brakes. In many cases the premium brake pads are a better economical choice because you may have to change economy brake pads two or three times verse the one time you replace the premium set of pads and rotors.

Safety, performance and longevity of brake are important when it comes to making an educated decision when it comes to your next brake job.

If you have any questions about brakes don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

Safe motoring

By Donald Henderson

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