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Serving Bellflower for the past 70 years

Serving Bellflower for the past 70 years

It seems like it was just yesterday I would come to the shop as a kid and see my grandfather Leo and my Dad Joe working on cars and being amazed at what they could do. I started coming to work with my dad at about the age 8, helping clean the shop, learning how to take stuff apart....any maybe put stuff back together. I loved coming to work with my dad, every day was new adventure.  Cars have changed soooooooo much in the time I started coming here to today, not just a little but leaps and bounds.  When I was a kid I would change spark plugs, install and set points and adjust carburetors was a typical day.  Today we rarely do any of that, it's all about  computes, codes and wiring concerns.  Many cars and trucks now have over 10 control modules making your vehicle do what is suppose to do in the background, without you ever knowing it. My job now is more dealing with computer  circuits than it is basic mechanical concerns. The picture to t ... read more


Shop History
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