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Hi Everyone!

If the door sticks a little or the window doesn’t roll down, it’s no big deal right? Wrong!

You might think they’re just “cosmetic” fixes, however in reality they could save your life and your loved ones as well. Nobody likes to think worst case scenarios, however it is important to make sure you are prepared for the worst, if it should happen. If you were in an accident (which we hope you are never involved in one) and you need to get yourself or your children out of the vehicle quickly and safely it is imperative that your windows and doors operate property to allow you easy access in and out of your vehicle.

Personally have a large dog, her name is Maya. She loves to go for car rides with me. If something were to happen and I needed to get her out in a hurry, I want to have a piece of mind and confidence that my vehicles windows and doors operate as they should. I want to know that I will be able to get Maya out right away and save her life.

Please be sure to keep in mind the weather is a factor as well. If the window is stuck in the down position and it starts to rain, the water will travel into the door panel which may cause further damage to the rest of the components and switches. This will cause the “cosmetic” fix into a more expensive repair.

Actual photo of MayaIt might be an inconvenience to get the door or window fixed,however when it could save your life orthe life of your loved one the decision becomes clear, there is no price tag on replacing a loved one. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to get your windows and door hinges looked at please give me a call.

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