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Heti the Yeti Part 1

hedi the yeti on the bus

Our story begins on a chilly winter's day in the friendly city of Bellflower, if you call 90 degrees chilly. On this day, our lives are changed forever when we meet our new friend Heti the Yeti.

hedi the yeti at Bellflower Town Center​Hetiwas a little yeti who came to Bellflower to look for holiday spaghetti. Why Bellflower you may ask.Hetiheard from her hero Henry that Bellflower locals loved yetis. Henry said “Bellflower wasthe friendliest city” and she set out to see if this was true.

heti the yeti finds Leo and Son Garage

The journey was long andall Heticould think about was her mom's delicious holiday spaghetti.Hetiwas hiking down the highway when she came across Leo & Son Garage and decided to stop in.

Hetiwent inside Leo & Son Garage to ask if they had some delicious holiday spaghetti.Once she stepped inside Hetimet Dave and asked, “Do you sell holiday spaghetti?” Dave with a quizzical look said, “Holiday spaghetti? We don’t have spaghetti. Of course, it’s the holidays, but we don’t sell spaghetti.”

Dave offeredHetisome of his lunch but that didn’t interest ­­Heti at all.Hetihad a hunger for some holiday spaghetti!

Dave sharing with Heti the yeti at Leo and Son Garage

Heti refused to give up. She knew there must be holiday spaghettisomewhere! She kindlyasked Dave, “May I talk to your friends to find my spaghetti?” “Please, be my guest. Look around and see what you can find,” Dave said, “We have a wonderful lounge, maybe someone has what you need in there.”

We will continue our story next Friday,December 16, 2016, keep a look out for daily photos of Heti’sencounters on our Facebook page and on Instagram @Leoandsongarage

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Holiday Story
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