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Heti The Yeti Part 2

Part 2 of Heti the yeti’s quest for Holiday Spaghetti

When we last left off in part 1 Heti arrived in the friendly city of Bellflower and met Dave on her search for Holiday Spaghetti.

Heti lumbered into the lounge and asked everyone she saw, “Do you know where I can get some amazing holiday spaghetti?” The customers gave her the strangest looks, they had never seen a yeti before, much less a yeti looking for holiday spaghetti.

Heti walked into an area called Leo’s Clubhouse and found a little boy and girl drawing and having fun. Heti with a big smile said, “Hi, I’m Heti and I’m looking for holiday spaghetti.” The little boy said, “Hi Heti! My name is Eddie and I don't have any holiday spaghetti, maybe my sister Betty has some spaghetti for you, Heti.” Betty with a puzzled look said, “I have never heard of holiday spaghetti. But why don't you try some of my holiday stew?” Heti looked at a bowl filled with plastic food. She really wanted holiday spaghetti, but she didn't want to be rude so she tried the holiday stew. "Ummm Betty?" Said Heti, "this stew tastes a little like plastic" Betty just laughed and continued to play.

Heti couldn't believe the friendly people of Bellflower had never heard of Holiday Spaghetti, it seemed so strange! “You've really never heard of Holiday Spaghetti?! Ohhhh how I LOVE holiday spaghetti! I live in the great white north and every holiday season my mom makes me and my 38 brothers and sisters the most delectable holiday spaghetti with meat balls and loads of sauce. Betty, Eddie, your mom never made you holiday spaghetti? It tastes the best when you share it with a yeti!” She laughed.


Betty and Eddie said they have no spaghetti not even a little bowl. "Holiday spaghetti sounds yummy for my tummy" said Eddie. "If you find some holiday spaghetti will you please share it with me and my sister Betty?" "If I do, I will definitely save some for you!" said Heti.

Heti looked high and low, in every cabinet and every drawer for just a bit of the holiday delight. Finding none there, Heti left the lounge and looked for someone to help satisfy her hunger.

We will continue our story next Friday December 23, 2016, keep a look out for daily photos of Heti’s encounters.

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Holiday Story
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