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Heti They Yeti Part 3

In part 1 Heti arrived in Bellflower and met Dave on her quest for holiday spaghetti

In part 2 when we last left off, Heti met Eddie and Betty in Leo’s clubhouse looking for amazing holiday spaghetti

Will Heti ever find her Holiday Spaghetti!?

Heti went everywhere asking everyone where she could get some …..delicious…..spaghetti….for a little yeti named Heti. Nobody knew where to find holiday spaghetti but she did meet some amazing new friends.

Everyone was so nice and wanted to help a little yeti named Heti, but nobody had any holiday spaghetti. Heti with her head hung low walked back to say her goodbyes to Dave.

Heti walk into the office and saw a new face. Maybe this new person knows where I can find some holiday spaghetti. Heti waited patiently for the woman to get off the phone to ask if she knew where to get some amazing holiday spaghetti.

As Heti waited, she noticed on the woman’s arms some strange markings that made Heti smile.

The woman finally hung up the phone and said, “Hi My name is Gen, may I help you? And are you a Yeti?”

Heti with a sigh said, with a sad quiet voice “Yes my name is Heti, I am a Yeti from the great white north and I am in desperate need of holiday spaghetti! I noticed on your arms it looks like you like to cook, could you, would you, cook some holiday spaghetti for me?” Gen replied, “I would love to make you a great big bowl of holiday spaghetti! My children love my dishes. I bet I could make Heti the best holiday spaghetti a yeti has ever eaten.” Heti couldn’t believe her luck!

With a quick change into her apron, Gen started to make the biggest bowl of holiday spaghetti with a dash of spice here and there. Cooling the noodles just right, using only the finest ingredients, Gen served Heti the yeti the best spaghetti a yeti could ever imagine.


Heti was so grateful, she welcomed the team at Leo & Son Garage to come to the great white north so she could repay the favor. They gleefully accepted, and are planning on seeing her there…just in the summer time!

With a skip in her step and a tummy full of spaghetti, Heti headed off to her next adventure.

Thank you all for listening to our tale of Heti the yeti we would love to hear from you on our holiday story!

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Holiday Story
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