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Summer is here! It’s time to talk about your vehicle’s air conditioning. Did you know you should service your vehicle’s air conditioning at least once a year? I didn’t!! I thought as long as it was blowing cold it was working and I didn’t need to get is serviced. Wrong!

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be serviced at least once a year even if it’s blowing cold air. The service is to ensure it keeps running correctly. The AC can fail due to no preventative maintenance being done, which would leave you spending hundreds on repairs. You can save yourself hundreds just by doing preventative maintenance.

Do your pets travel with you? A dogs normal body temperature is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees. The inside of you

r car can reach up to 160 degrees even with the windows cracked. This would send your pets into heat stroke. As a pet lover I would feel absolutely awful if I sent my pet into heat stroke because my car AC wasn’t working properly.

Save yourself the pain of repair cost as well as the pain of a hot car. Servicing your AC is preventative maintenance that keeps you cool and your wallet cool. You and your pets deserve a cool summer.

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