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We’re only a few short days away from the busiest travel days of the holiday season, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas. If you plan to celebrate Christmas by driving to visit family, take a look at a few of Leo and Son Garage Safe Tips for Holiday Driving.

Plan Ahead

Give yourself plenty of time to get on the road by leaving as early as possible. Before you leave, be sure to have your car serviced and prepared for your ride. Try Leo & Son Garage free maintenance inspection, for instance. Know your route, and use GPS systems as back-ups. If you’re traveling with small children, be sure to have road-safe activities for them, and knowledge of rest stops and hotel areas along your way in case of emergency.

Watch & Listen Carefully

Depending on how far your travels may be, there could be a possible climate shift during your journey. Pay attention to radio news, traffic, and weather channels while driving to stay up to date on road conditions ahead. Winter conditions are especially tough on your vehicle so listen to your car for sounds indicating a blown tire, engine knocking, or any other noise indicating damage.


We covered some pretty awesome car decoration ideas in this blog; but there’s always a matter of safety when it comes to any window covering or vehicle decorations. Before you deck out your vehicle, know the laws regarding vehicle decorations, both in your state and where you are traveling to. Make sure the driver and passenger’s view is not obstructed by holiday decals or wording.

No Aggressive Driving

Some people have already gotten the head start on their Christmas tree for this season, but there’s always hope for a last minute holiday miracle! If you’re out tree and gift shopping the next few days, be patient. Everyone else is experiencing the same last minute anxiety as you are, and it can all make for a parking lot nightmare. If possible, finish all your shopping as early and quickly as possible, and spend the evening at home.

DO NOT Drink and Drive

The holiday season is really a joyous time to spend with friends and family. The combination of food and spirits after hours of quality family time and gift giving can be enough to drive anyone to their bed, but please remember no drinking and driving this holiday season. If you plan to visit loved ones and return the same day, designate a capable driver. If possible, stay with a family member; even if you’re not intoxicated, driving while tired can lead to some of the same issues as drunk driving.

Happy Holidays from Leo & Son Garage Auto Repair!

By Donald Henderson

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