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Seal Beach Car show April 26, 2014


Seal Beach Car Show April 26, 2014

Today was a great day for the Seal Beach Car Show. The weather was wonderful in the low 70′s with a slight breeze. The sun was shinning and the cars were roaring. We found this Austin Healey that was so happy to be at the show you would think it was smiling. (pictured to the left) This is the first time I have been to the seal beach car show in quite a while. My wife and two boys when out to the show with me to see what was what in the car trends among the custom car market. It’s always nice to see a hot rod, custom or stock vehicle we had a hand in working on. We have been involved in some pretty extreme vehicles. We currently have in the shop a 68 Camaro the customer plans on showing at SEMA Show in Las Vegas. This car is very cool with a 502 crate motor custom front tube frame and all kinds of custom touches you would have to see to believe. Anyway, the show was packed with people and a ton of vehicles to look at. I saw a lot of family’s just spending the afternoon looking at cars and dreaming of taking them for a cruise down the coast.


My oldest son was saying all day I wish I wish I could drive these cars. To tell you the truth so was I, its allot more fun driving someone toy. Side note, I believe a vehicle that is only good for having fun in a “toy” and not a vehicle.I think a car should have practical purpose like pick up the family or go to the home improvement store. Do I think a 200 mile an hour car is hot and fun …..absolutely and would love every minute driving it. extreme vehicles I would not considered a car in my book. We saw a lot of Corvettes and Thunder birds in every year imaginable. My son’s favorite was a VW bug chassis tuned into a buggy type vehicle all made out of aluminum, it was quite different. My wife was was looking for a “cute car” something in pink or light blue that she could get behind….and by behind I mean behind the wheel and into her hands.


We saw our friends of Gruzen racing at the show, showing off their cackle car the Newhouse Special. They had some difficulty with the nitro burning Hemi engine so they couldn’t do a good fire up at this show but we will see them soon at future events. If your ever at car show with a “cackle fest” its a must see especially if they do it when it starts to get dark. These engines really show off in low light with flames coming out of all eight exhaust pipes. Its something to see if you have never had the pleasure.

Anyway it was a great day and we can’t wait to see what next year brings. If you ever need any work done on your hot rod or daily driver we would love to be part helping build your next toy. We also take great pride in making sure our customers daily drivers are safe and ready to take the family to the next car show.

See you at the next show!

By Donald Henderson


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