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Shocks and Struts, save hundreds or save your life?

shocks and struts

A special offer just came across my desk and I wanted to share it with you. “Monroe” the shock and strut company has a amazing offer that can save you hundreds of dollars.(Discount) Starting September 1, 2014 and going through October 31,2014, the offer is if you buy three shocks or struts, Monroe will refund you for the list price of the fourth shock or strut. They of course pay you for the lowest price unit but it can add up quick. Being a Napa AutoCare center I can offer you an additional $50 gift card when you buy 4 struts. You can use both offers at the same time and save hundreds. In addition to the hundreds you save on the rebates, if you qualify for the Napa Credit card we can get you 6 months no interest financing on the shock and strut purchase. If you have any questions on this offer please don’t hesitate to call or email me We believe our customers should be informed, below I explain the importance of shocks and struts. If you’re not interested you won’t hurt my feeling if you don’t read it. All vehicles have some kind of shock absorber, some vehicles have a traditional shock but a lot of new cars have what is called a Strut. A strut has all the functions of a shock but is it also a major component of your suspension. A strut is usually comprised of a strut, a spring, an upper bearing and the dampening component of a traditional shock. Shocks and struts have the same basic function and that is to control the suspension movement. Without shocks or struts our vehicles would feel like fun house rides, your vehicle would sway back and forth and bounce down the road instead of a smooth controlled movement you are used to. Often times people don’t realize their shocks or struts are bad, more often than not shocks and struts wear very gradually and you as a motorist don’t notice the difference until they get new ones installed. The gradual decline of the old shock compared to the new shock or strut performance can be dramatic. How do you determine if a shock or strut is bad? Let’s start with what the experts recommend, Shock replacement is recommend at 50,000 miles and struts are recommend to be replaced at 70,000 miles. When we do our inspection we look for leaks at the shocks and struts, we do a test-drive to see the amount of body control the shocks and struts have on the vehicle. We also look for damaged rubber mounts and physical damage to the units themselves. Now, what would you as a motorist expect to feel if your shocks are worn. When you drive your vehicle do you notice any of the following, more body roll or lean when you are making a turn, your vehicle bottoms out or bangs when you hit large bumps, you feel less control over the vehicle when you are stopping. These are simple signs that your shocks are worn and in need of replacement. Benefits of new shocks or struts Shocks and struts are kind of line anti-lock brakes, you don’t even think about it until you have a panic situation where they save your vehicle and possible your life. Shocks and struts decrease stopping distance and help control the vehicle during aggressive maneuvers or regular day to day driving. You never know when you will have to make a quick turn on the freeway to avoid something ahead of you. Donald Henderson If you have any questions or I just confused you more please reach out, I am here to help. By Donald Henderson

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