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Signs a Car needs an Oil Service

Cars produce a lot of different sounds, and between the sounds of the road and the radio, it can be difficult to separate what is noise and what isn’t. While we often rely on technicians and repair shops to tell us what is wrong with our vehicle; sometimes we relay the necessary information too late. So, to help offset the cost of car repairs in 2015, here are some car sounds you need to know most!

Car Noises

Squealing: More than likely, you’re familiar with the squealing, squeaking noise that comes when it’s time for brake service. Pay attention to this sound, and try to have brake work done as soon as possible- you don’t want to wear down your rotors as well.

Scrape: This is a common sign of worn down windshield wipers. We know that wipers are essentially to visibility when driving, but were you aware that corroded wipers can scratch your windshield and cause hundreds of dollars in repairs? FAR replaces wiper with NO labor cost, stop in today no appointment necessary.

Clunking: Hear loud clunking noises while driving? Check out your suspension maybe your shock absorbers have gone bad. Don’t delay; these absorbers play a major role in your handling, steering and even braking.

Loud Clicking: Hearing this sound while making turns in your vehicle is usually indicative of a worn out CV joint. This component lubricates the front axles needed for steering. If you hear this sound, be mindful of replacing the CV joint to prevent expensive axle repairs.

Ticking: Ticking sounds typically indicate that your car is low on oil, and this is a potential ticking time bomb. Remember, it’s recommended for most cars to change their oil every 3,000 miles. If you can’t recall the last time you had your oil changed, it’s probably time for one.

Is your car making a noise you can’t identify? Leo & Son Garage Auto Repair and we can determine the cause the noise and next steps to get your car running smoothly again!

By Donald Henderson

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