Tech tip Tuesday - January 9

Tech Tip Tuesday - January 16

Everything rides on your tires, andyet it is one of the most overlooked items on our vehicles. My goal in wring these tips is tomotorists know what to look for on their car.When it's time youcan make a informeddecisionwhen its time to purchase tiresor speaking toa service advisor who isrecommending them. Knowledge is power so please take a moment and read though the tech tips.

Todays tip is on when is it time to replace my tires?

Option A - you will need a penny from you piggy bank to check how much tread you haver on your tire.. Take the penny and place in in the groves of your tire Head down as pictured. If you can see his entire head it's time to replace the tire (s), if part of his head is obstructed by the tire you still have some time until you need tires. Make sure you check all the groves in the tires, very often tires will wear uneven. Sometimes the inside treads wear muchfaster than the outside to to suspension problems so check across the entire tire for differences in wear.

Peny testTire test

Option B - Many tire have what is referred to as a wear bar. If you look into the groves of the tires you will see raised areas in the groves of the tiresthat don't touch the ground. When these wear bars are level with the rest of the tires it is time to replace the tire (s)

Wear bars

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Tech Tip Tuesday
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