Tech tip Tuesday - January 23

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Tech Tip Tuesday - January23

Is waiting to the last minute to get gas costing you money?

Running your vehicle low on fuel can cause damage to the fuel pump. Waiting until the gas gage is already past"E" can cause permanentdamage to the fuel pump.

The reason this is happens is because on most modern vehicles the fuel pump is located inside the gas tank and was designed to have the fuel cool the pump during operation and also the fuel acts as a lubricant in the gears of the pump. When the fuel tank is extremely low on fuel it can't cool the pump and wear starts on the internals of the fuel pump.

Best practice - do not run your vehicle with less than a 1/8 of a tank of fuel.

Side note, if your vehicle is equipped with a external fuel filter it should be replaced ever 30,000 miles. A plugged or partiallyplugs fuel filter caused additional strain on the fuel pump.

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Tech Tip Tuesday
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