Tech Tip Tuesday - January 30

Tech tip tuesday

Tech Tip Tuesday - January 30

No cost ways to increase your gas mileage!

1) Proper tire inflation will reduce rolling resistancesand will help maintain optimagas mileage. (see my tip on how to properly inflate your tires)

2) Don't use your Brakes! I kid, but if you use your brake less you can save on gas. Everytimeyou push on the brake pedal you are wasting potential energy. Try this instead, on the freeway do your best to avoid pushing the brake and coast until the speed picks back up. If you have the opportunity to coast instead of using the brake you use your potential energy instead of wasting in the form of heat from your brakes.

3) If it's a option travel at less busy times of the day. If you can maintain a steady speed you will conserve your fuel.

4) Don't drive over 65 MPH, I know freeway speeds are often 70 MPH plus. Studies have show that driving over 65 MPH greatly reduces fuel mileage, the faster you go the worse it gets. Driving at 80 MPH vs. 65 MPH could be as much as 20% in gas mileage. The reason for this is simple the faster we drive the more air we have to move around our vehicles, the drag from air resistance becomeshigher as we drive faster.

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Tech Tip Tuesday
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