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On a Thursday night, my husband's car would not start so it had to be towed to a nearby mechanics for repair. Next morning, I did online search and found this AAA certified Leo & Son garage. I called them to see if I can tow the car and ask for repair in timely manner. A gentleman responded that the car would be ready to pick up on following Monday afternoon (unless some intensive repair need to be done) since it was a busy Friday and they don't work over the weekend. The gentleman sounded very knowledgeable and sincere so I decide to have them repair the car. We received a call from Leo & Son garage Monday afternoon saying the car was ready to pick up, so we went there next morning on the way to work. My husband and their service adviser had a briefing about what they did and everything seemed fine. My husband left for work driving the just repaired car. Ten minutes later, he called me saying that the car stopped again at an intersection less than a mile from the garage!!! Oh, no. Well, the car was towed back to the garage again. Now, the entire garage crew were involved in solving problems, and guess what, they fixed the car in one hour-free of charge-and now the car is running very smooth. I wish they did the job at the first time, but I say their follow-up care was excellent. I could see their passion for cars. I would give five stars to their follow-up care and performance, but the fact that we had to return to the garage just after10 min was not so good experience... Oh, both AAA towing track drivers recommended Leo & Son Garage, so they must be doing good job repairing cars. And the second towing driver commented that he hardly hear cars towing back to the garage. I guess our car was a rare case... Leo & Son garage: M-F 8-5pmleoandsongarage.com/Home


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